Welcome to our new(s) website!

Dear RUSA Update readers,

Awesome! Innovative! Accessible! Fun! This is what we’re hearing about the new RUSA news website (and we hope you’ll agree).

As a part of our commitment to keep things flexible, valuable, and fun, we have created a website that’s easier to use and responsive. It includes additional resources, better tools, and is visually appealing to better support you and your work in academic, public,  special – and all libraries!

Among the new features, you’ll find:

  • Streamlined news – Timely updates full of helpful information, articles, member news, announcements, and IAMRUSA podcast interviews among others.
  • Meaningful Mapping – Using Mapify! you can place your pin and network with RUSA members online. Post your profile, interests, photos, videos and find other members to engage and collaborate with! The stars on the map indicate RUSA’s Award winning projects and services. We’ve compiled several years of RUSA’s achievement award winners for you to explore. Take a look around and be inspired by your peers! We encourage you to share with us your own projects and services that have made a positive impact on your community.
  • Other new features will be rolled out in 2017 – stay tuned!

The whole team, especially our Web Services Manager, Jennifer Cross, has been working tirelessly to bring this new vision to life. Compared to our previous news websites, this one is a huge step up and boasts a much more refined user experience. We’re excited about its growth and evolution in the coming years.

Please note that while our new home will be your go-to location for news, calendars, and more – our pages at http://www/ala.org/rusa will remain to provide you with in depth resources regarding RUSA Sections, Committees, and Membership!

Please bear with us as we get situated with our “new home.” Feedback is encouraged via our contact form: http://www.rusaupdate.org/contact-us/


Susan Hornung
Executive Director, ASCLA/RUSA

Jennifer Cross
Web Services Manager, ASCLA/RUSA

Melissa Tracy
Marketing and Programs Specialist, ASCLA/RUSA

Leighann Wood
Sr. Program Officer, RUSA

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