Name Change Task Force: Final Results

A Name Change Task Force was created in March 2016 by then RUSA President Anne Houston to look deeply at the pros and cons of changing the RUSA name. Read the final results here:

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  1. A Librarian’s Holiday Fantasy

    ‘Tis the night before break; all is hushed in the stacks
    save the soft thud of heads on lumpy back packs.

    The staff is perplexed, unaccustomed to lulls
    and unfettered visions now dance in their skulls.

    Every patron a prince! Every volume in place!
    Every database accessed with accurate grace.

    No question’s too hard – students cheer staff acumen
    Forecast sales of salt cod? Sure! In deutsche marks or yen?

    What! Closing early? (They usually protest)
    But instead all rise up. “Thanks a lot . You’re the best.”

    And smilingly join with this searcher to say…..

    Celebrate and enjoy — Have a great holiday!
    terese mulkern terry

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