ETS in ATL (part 2) – Hot Topics Discussion, “Now You See It: Using Video and Virtual Technologies to Enhance Reference Services”

The RUSA ETS Hot Topics in Electronic Reference Discussion Group held their Midwinter conversation at the Georgia World Congress Center on Sunday, January 22, 2017 from 3pm to 4pm. With about 50 participants in attendance, both questions the committee aimed to talk about were discussed. The first being “Are you currently using GoPros, Pokemon Go, Oculus, Google Cardboard, or live broadcasting? And if so, in what types of programs or events?” and the second “What is the biggest obstacle to using any of these emerging technologies?”

After participants discussed the topics, group tables reported and the moderator added answers to a Padlet. The Padlet is an online, living document that participants can continue to view after the conference as well as add conversation points they may think of later. The Padlet can be found here: During the lively conversation librarians were able to gain new ideas and insights into how they can incorporate emerging technologies in the video and virtual realm into their library settings. For more information, visit the Padlet link above or take a look at the tweets sent with the program’s hashtag #etsreftalk:


Catherine Damiani

Chair, ETS Hot Topics in Electronic Reference Discussion Group

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