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As RUSA members and others head to Chicago for ALA Annual conference, I am happy to bring to our readers RUSQ 56(4) which as always offers a range of thoughtful pieces for librarians of all sorts.

This issue’s columns cover a wide range of topics, including thoughts on diversity from RUSA President Alesia McManus, global perspectives on information literacy, team efforts in marketing library services, bad-boy romances, resources on transgender culture, and providing personal service in an impersonal world.

Our feature authors look at “Why do Students Seek Help in an Age of DIY,” a transactional analysis of specialized reference services, changing students’ attitudes regarding library research, and “Hacking the Literature Review.” All of these pieces shed some new light on our work in the reference field, and offer interesting possibilities.

And as always, we have some great reviews of professional and reference materials.

As always, please let me know how RUSQ can help your practice of librarianship. Feel free to contact me with your ideas at

Barry Trott
Editor, RUSQ

RUSQ 56:4
Table of Contents

01 From the Editor of RUSQ – Barry Trott

02 – From the President of RUSA – Alesia MacManus
“Thoughts on Equity, Diversity and Inclusion and Reference and User Services”

03 – Management – Marianne Ryan (col. ed.)
“Surviving and Thriving in an Acting Leadership Position” by Gregory MacAyeal

04 – Information Literacy – Esther Grassian and Sarah LeMire (col. eds)
“Teaching and Learning Alternatives: a Global Overview” by Esther Grassian

05 – Amplify Your Impact – Nicole Eva and Erin Shea (col. eds.)
“Marketing libraries is a team effort” by Caitlin Cowart

06 – Readers’ Advisory – Laurel Tarulli (col. ed.)
“Bad Boy Romances: Biker Boys and Mobster Royalty” by Laurel Tarulli

07 – Alert Collector – Mark Shores (col. ed.)
“Transgender Culture and Resources” by Jeannie Bail and Dr. Aisla Craig

08 – A Reference for That – Nicolette Sosulski and David A. Tyckoson (col. eds)
“Personal Service in an Impersonal World”

Feature Articles
09 – “Why do Students Seek Help in an Age of DIY?: Using a Qualitative Approach to Look Beyond Statistics” by Marc Vinyard, Colleen Mullally, and Jaimie Beth Colvin

10 – “Specialized Reference Services at Illinois: Reference Transactional Analysis and its Implications for Service Providers and Administrators” by By Joe Lenkart and Jen-chien Yu

11 – “Brief intervention to change students’ attitudes regarding library research” by Steve Black and Ross Krawczyk

12 – “Hacking the Literature Review: Opportunities and Innovations to Improve the Research Process” by Jennifer Lubke, Virginia G. Britt, Trena M. Paulus, and David P. Atkins

13 – Professional Materials – Karen Antell (ed.)
14- Reference Book Reviews – Anita Slack (ed.)

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