Achievement awards ceremony to be sunset

Chris LeBeau, RUSA President, University of Missouri

RUSA has hosted many wonderful award ceremonies at the American Library Association Annual Conference, honoring dozens of talented and remarkable librarians. We would not be a able to do this without the faithful support provided from our sponsors.

In the coming year our association needs to adapt to some situational changes in our environment; the Board of Directors has decided to sunset the tradition of the annual achievement awards ceremony. We find we need to reduce our costs, but our commitment is still strong for our award program. Rather than ask you for greater levels of support, we have chosen to recognize our award winners in more modern and less costly ways. For the 2018 Annual Conference we would like to recognize our sponsors and achievement awardees using our website and with videos. We think the exposure will be far greater, more long-lasting, and be more economical. We hope you find this an acceptable approach. If you have the technological capacity to help us with this effort, we would like to discuss it with you further.

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