ETS eForum: Assessing Electronic Reference Services

Have you been wondering if your users are aware of your chat service? Or maybe how your students are using your research guides or your online FAQ? Do you need a little inspiration or advice on how to find out? If so, RUSA’s Emerging Technologies Section (ETS) eForum on Assessing Electronic Reference Services is for you!

The forum will be held entirely online March 19 to 21, 2018. It will be an opportunity to talk with colleagues about what they are doing to assess the effectiveness of their virtual reference services. You will also be able to learn about assessment methodologies such as usability testing, transcript review, focus groups, surveys and more! You can join any time, stay as long as you wish and have access to all posted comments.

Marie L. Radford, Professor of Library and Information Science, Rutgers School of Communication and Information, and Kris Markman, Director of Digital Learning and User Experience, Harvard Library will join the eForum as guest posters.  Marie will post on the best methods for assessing chat reference on the afternoon of March 20 and Kris will post on how to close the assessment loop and take action on your assessment findings on March 21.

To participate, simply log into your SYMPA account, join the listserv titled: “rusaetse-forum” and watch your email to take part in and/or watch the conversation.

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