Elizabeth (Beth) German to serve as next President-Elect

Elizabeth (Beth) German, Service Design Librarian at Texas A&M University was elected as the 2018-2019 President-Elect of RUSA. German will serve her Presidential term during 2019-2020.

“RUSA, as an organization, reflects the complex and nuanced environment of libraries,” German remarked. “I will do my best to enable the rest of the RUSA leadership to succeed through facilitating clear communication, collaboratively outlining tangible goals, and continuing to foster an inclusive organization.”

Other individuals elected to RUSA and Section leadership roles include: RUSA Councilor: Alesia McManus; BRASS Vice-Chair/Chair Elect: Ilana Stonebraker; Secretary: Lauren Reiter and Member at Large: Adele Barsh; CODES Vice-Chair/Chair Elect: Patricia Gregory; Secretary: Edward Kownslar; Member at Large: Lucy Lockley and Member at Large: Victoria Caplinger; ETS Vice-Chair/Chair Elect: Geoffrey Morse; Secretary: Rachael Cohen and Member at Large: Christina Pryor; HS Vice-Chair/Chair Elect: Melissa Gonzalez and Member at Large: Celestina Savonius-Wroth; RSS Vice-Chair/Chair Elect: Janet O’Keefe; Secretary: Amy Phillips and Member at Large: Bryna Coonin; STARS Vice-Chair/Chair Elect: David Ketchum; Secretary: Carol Kochan and Member at Large: Jalesia Horton.

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