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Table of Contents


From the President: Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes
Ann K. G. Brown

Career Conversations: Disability and Hiring
Elizabeth Leonard

Management: Managing a Career in Place
Diana D. Shonrock

The Alert Collector: Listen Up: Best Practices for Audiobooks in Libraries
Renee Young

Information Literacy and Instruction: Creating Analog and Digital Games for Reference Training

: Overview and Examples
Sam Kirk

Amplify Your Impact: The Insta-Story: A New Frontier for Marking and Engagement at the Sonoma State University Library
Catherine Fonseca


 Veteran Views of the Library: A Qualitative Study
JJ Pionke

Democratizing the Maker Movement: A Case Study of One Public Library System’s Makerspace Program
Alexandra Lakind, Rebekah Willett, Erica Rosenfeld Halverson

Leveraging Existing Frameworks to Support Undergraduate Primary Source Research
Brigitte Billeaudeaux, Rachel E. Scott

From Committees of RUSA

From the Committees: Cookbooks
Neal Wyatt

Sources: Professional Materials

Book Review: Get Your Community Moving: Physical Literacy Programs for All Ages
Teralee ElBasri

Book Review: Keys to Running Successful Research Projects: All the Things They Never Teach You
Patrick Baumann

Book Review: Planning Academic Library Orientations: Case Studies from Around the World
Holly Luetkenhaus

Book Review: Maximizing School Librarian Leadership: Building Connections for Learning and Advocacy
Elaine Warner

Book Review: The No-Nonsense Guide to Born-Digital Content
Paula Barnett-Ellis

Book Review: The Readers’ Advisory Guide to Teen Literature
Jessica Hilbun Schwartz

Book Review: Shaping the Campus Conversation on Student Learning and Experience: Activating the Results of Assessment in Action
Marla Lobley

Book Review: Transform and Thrive: Ideas to Invigorate Your Library and Your Community
Lisa Williams

Sources: Reference Books

Book Review: Eating Disorders: Understanding Causes, Controversies and Treatment
Amanda K. Sprochi

Book Review: Encyclopedia of Romance Fiction
Amy F. Fyn

Book Review: Food, Feasts, and Faith: An Encyclopedia of Food Culture in World Religions
Sally Moffitt

Book Review: History of African Americans: Exploring Diverse Roots
Trent Shotwell

Book Review: Listen to New Wave Rock! Exploring a Musical Genre
Edward Whatley

Book Review: No Remorse: Psychopathy and Criminal Justice
Tracy Carr

Book Review: Popular Fads and Crazes through American History
Matthew Laudicina

Book Review: Pro Wrestling: A Comprehensive Reference Guide
Kapil Vasudev

Book Review: Reading Harper Lee: Understanding To Kill a Mockingbird and Go Set a Watchman
Arianne A. Hartsell-Gundy

Book Review: The Biology of Beauty: The Science behind Human Attractiveness
Megan Coder

Book Review: The Routledge History Handbook of Medieval Revolt
Steven R. Edscorn

Book Review: The Schoolroom: A Social History of Teaching and Learning
Kelsey Forester

Book Review: When Science and Politics Collide: The Public Interest at Risk
Lisa Euster

Book Review: We Eat What? A Cultural Encyclopedia of Unusual Foods in the United States
Michael F. Bemis

Book Review: Winning the War on Poverty: Applying the Lessons of History to the Present
Stacey Marien


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