BRASS Excellence in Business Librarianship sponsored by Mergent Names It’s 2020 Winner – Steven Mark Cramer of UNC Greensboro

Steven Mark Cramer, Business Librarian & Coleman Fellow for Entrepreneurship Education, UNC Greensboro was chosen as this year’s BRASS Excellence in Business Librarianship.

Steve has been a member of ALA RUSA and the BRASS Business Reference & User Services Section, 2001 to present. He served two terms on BRASS Education and currently serves on BRASS Membership.

Steve is co-founder of Business Librarianship In North Carolina (BLINC) which brings together public and academic business librarians for professional development “workshops” for librarians that can’t always attend ALA. He makes it a point to reach out to each new business librarian hired in the state and invites them to attend a BLINC workshop and often familiarizes them with opportunities that are available in the state and region, including conferences and professional development events.

As a Coleman Fellow for Entrepreneurship Education, Steve teaches, inspires and mentors students at UNC-G who are in non-business disciplines to gain self-employment skills and experience in entrepreneurial ventures.

Steve evaluates business resources for the state-wide NCLIVE online resources.

Steve personifies the gifted, informed, forward-thinking and generous mentoring business librarian. He is a wealth of information and help and champions the work of his colleagues. He is more than willing to share his process of discovery, earned knowledge, and personal experience- in very honest and candid expression.

Steve’s efforts make him an exemplary librarian representing the best of BRASS and RUSA. Steve is Founder of the RUSA Pilot Interest Group on Entrepreneurship.

BRASS Excellence in Business Librarianship Award selection committee: Chris Le Beau, Chair; Bobray J. Borelon, Jr.; Jared Hoppenfeld; and Genifer Anne Snipes.

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