Positive Interactions: Making the Library a Welcoming and Empowering Place for People with Disabilities

RUSA’s Accessibility Academy newly updated webcast tutorial “Positive Interactions: Making the Library a Welcoming and Empowering Place for People with Disabilities” is available for purchase now.

Register and gain a solid understanding of the broad and diverse types of disabilities, and how they impact the way people use the library and its resources. Build better relationships with library users with disabilities and maximize their empowerment and engagement. Gain tips for effective library outreach to people with disabilities and partnerships with related organizations and customer services tips you can apply to all types of library users.

This tutorial is designed to provide an introduction to all library staff, including support staff, general professional staff, age-level or subject specialists, managers and administrators about communicating and interacting with people with disabilities.

Your registration includes access to the recorded webcast, informational handouts and quiz, a complete transcript of the presentation for easy reference and a certificate of recognition.

This webcast and update was developed and narrated by Brenda Hough. Brenda has been a librarian for more than 15 years. She has delivered training and education for the Northeast Kansas Library Systems, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, WebJunction, the Public Library Association, Emporia State University, UIUC’s Certified Public Library Administrator program, and more.

Don’t wait! Visit here to register today!

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