Fall, 2020 Issue of Academic BRASS Newsletter Now Available

The Fall, 2020 issue of the Academic BRASS newsletter is now published and can be accessed at http://www.ala.org/rusa/sections/brass/publications/academicbrass/2020/15-2

Special thanks to webmasters Rashelle Nagar and Kevin Thomas, and to authors Wayne Finley, Joel B. Thornton, Austin Wilkins, Grace Liu, Dr. Annette Bochenek, Jade Kastel, and the Curriculum Committee of the Council on Instructional Affairs Learning Resources Standing Committee (CIA-LRSC) for the State Colleges of Florida: Angie Neely-Sardon, Kristina Neihouse, Dawn Ady, Max Hackman, Kristen Jernigan, Karen Kaufmann, Marian Smith, and Sharon Uskokovich.

In this issue:

Finley describes building new relationships with the Northern Illinois University College of Business by conducting reading programs for its Business Passport Program, in “Connecting with Patrons Through Business Reading Programs”; Thornton and Wilkins report how the University of Arkansas library solved a large research data request by partnering with a vendor, in “Emerging Pathways: Supporting Text and Data Mining Business Projects”; Liu recommends a new approach to the BRASS Executive Committee’s Task Force results, in “The Future of BRASS”; The Florida College System’s statewide Information Literacy Curriculum Committee integrates ACRL Framework competencies into a Research Strategies for Business course, in “Information Literacy as Transdisciplinary in the Florida State College Curriculum”; Bochenek shares strategies for teaching information literacy in the hybrid format via teams-based learning and offers suggestions for strengthening the community experience with online teaching tools, in “Together, Apart: Creating Meaningful Learning Community Connections in the HyFlex Classroom”; and Kastel capitalizes on the success and gender pay gap of the Women’s National Team as real-world examples for business students, in “World Cup Librarianship: Using the NWSL to Introduce Key Concepts in Competitive Intelligence and Information Literacy.”

We hope you enjoy this recent issue!

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