Mariah Antoinette Lovick Awarded the 2021 RUSA Federal Rising Stars Initiative

Mariah Antoinette Lovick was awarded the RUSA Federal Rising Stars Initiative for her impeccable and conscientious customer service, and her dedication and commitment to upholding library standards and enthusiastically adapting them in ways that not only encourage participation in library activities but that also provide enhanced services to meet new challenges.

Ms. Lovick began her career as a Library Aid ten years ago. In the past ten years, she has worked in all areas in the Thomas Lee Hall Library, from circulation, technical services, cataloging, acquisitions, and public services. She completed her MLS in 2019. Ms. Lovick has provided a model of conscientious and exemplary customer service in her FMWR (Family Morale, Welfare and Recreation) Library. FMWR libraries are the “public libraries” of the Department of Defense. In these libraries, the staff serve a variety of patrons: Service members, civilians, family members, and veteran populations.

Ms. Lovick most recently focused on creating a new system of labeling youth literature to enhance the use of the materials and to encourage participation in reading and library activities. Ms. Lovick’s energy and enthusiasm provide an example of dedication to public services and commitment to her customers.

The selection committee was Chaired by Adria P. Olmi. The Federal Rising Stars Initiative was previously awarded by ASGCLA. This is the first year it is being awarded by RUSA.

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