Spring, 2021 Academic BRASS Newsletter Now Available

The Spring, 2021 issue of the Academic BRASS newsletter is now published.

Special thanks to webmasters Rashelle Nagar and Kevin Thomas, and to authors Kerry Wu, Nancy Lovas, Necia Wolff, Alan Witt, Michelle Colquitt, and Grace Liu.

In this issue:

Wu suggests effective solutions to business faculty requests, in “Beyond No: Best Practices for Responding to Resource Requests”; Lovas offers strategies for embracing student diversity, in “Inclusive Teaching for Business Research”; Wolff describes efficient ways of following social media to stay informed of various disciplines in, “Learning More about Business Topics When You Have Limited Time”; Witt discusses three valuable precepts to follow when entering a new organization in, “Organizational Behavior and New Librarians: Tips for Thriving in a New Workplace”; Colquitt offers helpful tips for new business librarians in, “Secrets of an Accidental Business Liaison”; and Liu details the increasing role of librarians in assisting researchers with comprehensive literature searches in, “Systematic Reviews in Business and Management: Are Business Librarians Ready?”

We hope you enjoy this recent issue!

Janet Franks & Wendy Pothier, Co-editors