Discovering Family History in Library Collections

CHICAGO- Register today for the three-part webcast series “Discovering Family History in Library Collections” sponsored by the History Section of the Reference and User Services Association (RUSA).

During this three-part webcast series, explore library collections useful for genealogy/family history research, including free and subscription databases available at many libraries, manuscript collections from various libraries, and resources at the Library of Congress.

Each topic will include resources for tracing lineage, telling family stories, and finding hisotiral context. There will also be discussion on accessing these materials on-site or remotely, including during extreme times (e.g. pandemics).

The 3-part series includes the following webcasts:

  • Webcast One: Databases- July 27, 2021
    • Participants will develop an understanding of: 
      • Free and subscription-based databases relevant to genealogy besides the major genealogy websites
      • Examples of how databases may be applied to genealogy research, including academic databases not typically used for this type of research
      • Methods for searching and advice on accessing these resources
  • Webcast Two: Manuscript Collections- August 3, 2021
    • ​​​​​​​Participants will develop an understanding of:
      • The nature and scope of library manuscript collections relevant to genealogy
      • Highlighted examples of such resources
      • Methods for accessing and using such collections, whether offline or online
  • Webcast Three: Library of Congress Collections- August 10, 2021
    • ​​​​​​​Participants will develop and undestanding of:
      • Library of Congress collections relevant to genealogy
      • Strategies for applying LC resources to genealogy
      • Methods for accessing and searching LC collections on or offline

This webcast series will benefit genealogists, genealogy librarians, and other librarians with patrons seeking genealogy resources.

Registration is available for the series at a reduced price or you may register for one or two programs individually.

Register here today!