Business Reference 101

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Business Reference is for any librarian in-training who wants to gain confidence and knowledge around BizRef topics such as company and industry research, consumer and market research, entrepreneurship topics and more. This 3-week long, asynchronous course allows users to go at their own pace as they work their way through each section.

In addition to interacting with other course participants and sharing BizRef “stumper” questions, students in this course will have access to a number of proprietary business research databases through trials set up specifically for them. Students will be presented with resources guides specifically to company research, industry research, small business and entrepreneurship, basic investing and stock market research, consumer research, international business research, business statistics and more.

After participating in this eCourse, participants will:

  • Be familiar with basic company, industry, and other business-research related sources
  • Build upon existing reference skills in order to confidently incorporate strategies for successful business reference outcomes
  • Gain practical experience using proprietary business databases.

The instructor, Celia Ross, has been teaching Business Reference 101 to sold-out crowds for RUSA since 2006. She has gained business research experience in a number of settings including a venture capital firm, a global consulting firm and in public and academic libraries.

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