2022 RUSA Stephen T. Riedner Grant for Life Enhancing Library Programs for People Living with Dementia

Queen Anne’s County Library and Alpha Park Public Library selected winners of the Stephen T. Riedner Grant for Life Enhancing Library Programs for People Living with Dementia

The Stephen T. Riedner Grant for Life Enhancing Library Programs for People Living with Dementia was established in memory of Stephen T. Riedner by his wife, Mary Beth Riedner, and his sister-in law and brother-in-law, Jane and John Gallick.  During his ten-year journey through a young-onset dementia, Steve’s strong spirit was always an inspiration.  He was determined to maintain his identity, dignity and independence for as long as possible.  He demonstrated by his example that people living with dementia deserve the same respect and consideration as every other human being. 

Alpha Park Public Library
Queen Anne’s County Library
Queen Anne’s County Library

The Alpha Park Library District, located in Bartonville, Illinois, will create a Memory Center to include a physical collection & information inside the library, a web page for a digital collection & information, and a caregiver group that includes in person and digital meeting opportunities. 

A specified section inside the library will be supplied with books, games, videos and other tools to assist caregivers and those suffering from dementia, Alzheimer’s disease or other brain traumas. 

The Library will also train staff on the purpose of the collection and  how to have meaningful interactions with caregivers and those suffering from dementia, alzheimers, or other brain traumas.  

The physical collection of the Memory Center will house sensory & memory tools, including books, DVDs, games, and kits. 

The Library’s website will have a link to the Memory Station on the home page.  The Memory Station webpage will include links to online videos, the National Talking Book Center for audiobooks, local and national organizations and resources, as well as caregiver meetings and memory cafes.

The Queen Anne’s County Library, located in Centreville, MD, will develop a series of programs that connect adults living with dementia with creative expression through art and socialization.

Each program, called Creative Aging Cafés, will feature a teaching artist that guides participants through a chosen style of art, from fine arts to music, storytelling, or fabric arts. The experience will either be interactive, like music and storytelling, or hands-on.

The socialization portion of the events will invite people to come for a small meal and obtain information on services in the area for seniors and people living with dementia. Librarians will also be present to offer book suggestions and highlight our Adult Storytime Kits and Rapid Reads collection; both were created for adults with cognitive function issues.

Library staff members will go through Dementia and Alzheimer’s training so they can facilitate events, educate the community on Alzheimer’s, and connect people with resources.

Stephen T. Riedner Grant for Life Enhancing Library Programs for People Living with Dementia presents two grants of $2,500* each and a citation to two libraries to support the development of services and programming to directly serve those living with dementia.

The Award selection committee was Chaired by Chris LeBeau.

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