RUSA President Update

Cynthia Johnson

Happy September, RUSA!

Budget News

I am pleased to share that RUSA has made noticeable progress in our continued effort to stabilize our finances.  With thanks to our RUSA Futures Task Force, and now our RUSA Budget & Finance committee, through their efforts RUSA is on track to end the 2022 Fiscal year in the black.  This will be the first positive financial year RUSA has had in a long while.  In addition to the positive news on our 2022 fiscal year, the most recent budget submitted for fiscal year 2023 will also show a profit.  Congratulations to all of the effort provided by our volunteers on the RUSA Futures Task Force and the RUSA Budget & Finance committee, as well as all RUSA members as you have offered great support as we have worked these last few years to bring RUSA into a better and stronger financial position.   

Opportunity to publish in RUSA Update

If you are interested in publishing a short item in RUSA Update, please let me know.  We have room on this platform to learn about the people, committees, and projects that comprise RUSA. Interview a chair of a RUSA Committee or a member of a RUSA section for example, and have it published in RUSA Update! Or write about a RUSA Committee or project with which you are involved.  If this interests you, please send me an email at

The next RUSA Board meeting will be on Tuesday, October 11th, 12-1:30 CT. Information is posted via Connect. We will be discussing the RUSA Publications Task Force’s recommendations at that meeting. However, you don’t have to attend the Board meeting to express your opinion. Instead, send us your thoughts regarding the recommendations through this form.

Have a wonderful rest of your September.

Cynthia A. Johnson

RUSA President, 2022-2023