ALA Committee appointment opportunities

If you are interested in being considered for appointment as a Committee member/Associate (not divisional representative) for the following three ALA Committees, please let Joseph Yue, Vice-President/President-Elect, know via email by Nov 18 Fri.

Chapter Relations Committee charge: To develop and recognize chapters as integral components of ALA. To encourage discussion, activities and programs that support the mutual interests of ALA and the chapters. To advise when requested on proposals and actions of other ALA units that may affect chapters. To provide a forum wherein chapters can share ideas and concerns of common interest and identify common needs and goals. To communicate these chapter needs and goals to ALA and ALA goals, programs and priorities to the chapters. To encourage and maintain a cooperative and supportive relationship among ALA, its units, and the chapters. To formulate and review periodically requirements for chapter status. To serve as an advisory committee to the Chapter Relations Office.

Code of Conduct Committee charge: To administer and apply the ALA Online Code of Conduct. This committee will provide transparent, consistent, and context-sensitive accountability to ensure mutual respect and community safety. It will take timely action in addressing and resolving any incidents on those platforms and channels. It will ensure that the Code of Conduct is updated according to the schedule in the Code, with opportunity for community input. It will publish an annual transparency report and communicate that report, along with any updates to the Code, to users of all ALA-affiliated platforms and channels. Finally, it will partner with ALA leadership and legal counsel to develop and maintain a strong and transparent procedures for handling incidents.

Election Committee charge: To monitor ALA elections for association officers, councilors, and constitution and bylaws by: 1) reviewing and certifying, before ballots are distributed for voting, that all election documents, practices and procedures are in accordance with the ALA constitution and bylaws and ALA policy manual; 2) resolving irregularities that may arise during the election process by promptly making a recommendation for appropriate action to the ALA president; and 3) certifying the election results and reporting the results to the candidates and the ALA membership in a timely manner. In addition, at the request of any ALA division or round table, the committee shall review any irregularities in the division or round table election process and advise the division or round table of possible resolution.

Joseph Yue

RUSA Vice-President/President-Elect

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