ETS Website Is Under New Management


ETS Website Is Under New Management

By Michelle McKinney and Donte Perry, ETS Web Coordinators

December 8, 2022

Michelle McKinney, Reference and Web Services Librarian at University of Cincinnati Blue Ash College, and Donte Perry, Reference and Digital Resources & Services Librarian at Johnson & Wales University Charlotte Campus, began their first term as Web Coordinators for ETS Executive Committee in July 2021. They immediately set to work to establish new procedures and processes for updating the ETS website at A Google Form was created to submit editing requests. Once the processes were in place, they identified content owners and organized a website review and made updates based on the feedback and recommendations that followed. They discovered that videos could not be hosted on the ETS website due to size and bandwidth constraints. As an alternative means of hosting videos, a new YouTube Channel was created. They are now focusing their efforts on embedding and streamlining social media content within the website structure.

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