30 Ways to Meet Your Readers’ Needs

For three decades, libraries have trusted NoveList for innovative solutions for connecting readers with books they’ll love. Here are 30 ways we can save you time helping readers.

  1. Add a NoveList Search Box to the home page of your library’s webpage. Get started by emailing ebsco.com.
  2. Search illustration types like “Big and Bold” or “Black and White” in NoveList Plus find the perfect picture book for kids or graphic novel for teens and adults.
  3. Use NoveList Plus Book Club Resources to discover new titles and tips for your book clubs.
  4. Use NoveList Plus Diversity Resources page to be intentional about the books you feature and promote.
  5. Is a big event coming up? Feature a table for in-person reading recommendations! Bring a laptop and use NoveList Plus right there.
  6. Inspire your readers to try new types of books with NoveList’s 2024 Reading Challenge.
  7. Sign up for alerts in NoveList Plus to stay on top of new books.
  8. Wow your readers with expert insights into books right in your catalog with NoveList Select.
  9. Set a reminder to check your NoveList Select Analytics Dashboard monthly to see the titles, authors, and series that are most popular with your readers.
  10. Mix and match terms in the NoveList Select Story Finder to find titles and read-alikes right from the catalog as you help patrons.
  11. Evaluate, select, and find titles to order with Core Collections.
  12. Make weeding decisions easy by using Core Collections recommendation levels to decide if a title is essential to keep or reorder.
  13. Want to start or build a Spanish-language collection but don’t know where to start? Core Collection en Español has unbiased, expert guidance you can trust.
  14. Enhance your form-based readers’ advisory requests by turning to the BookChat librarians when you need help crafting the perfect personalized recommendation.
  15. Place a widget on your website homepage so patrons can easily find BookChat for real-time book recommendations.
  16. Use “For Fans of…” templates in LibraryAware for timely recommendations.
  17. Take advantage of the book display templates in LibraryAware.
  18. Plan promotions in one afternoon for big library programs like Summer Reading.
  19. Select interesting points from annual reports and rework them into infographics using LibraryAware. Studies show visual information is easier to digest.
  20. Reach readers in the inbox by downloading this free email newsletter guide.
  21. Promote your collection! Use the Multiple Records block in any LibraryAware Drag & Drop email to quickly insert a list of books or AV titles by keyword, ISBN, or UPC.
  22. Drive engagement on your social media platforms by posting a Social Media Question graphic from LibraryAware.
  23. Provide expert training for all staff on the core skills they need, available on their schedule, with a Learn with NoveList Subscription.
  24. Keep track of the many trends in reading and books by taking the course Keeping Up with Books from Learn with NoveList.
  25. Learn more about the genres readers love (even if you don’t) by taking a Crash Course from Learn with NoveList.
  26. Get the most out of your NoveList subscriptions with our free, recorded training, available 24/7 on EBSCO Connect.
  27. Take a quiz to find out what kind of learner you are, then match your unique learning needs with courses from Learn with NoveList.
  28. Make planning your next in-person staff day easy by hiring a Learn with NoveList instructor to deliver up to four hours of interactive, fun, and valuable training.
  29. Get help paying for training for library staff by applying for the Institutional Educational Support Program developed by our partner, LibraryReads.
  30. Sign up for NoveList News to get the latest trends, tips, and training so you can get the most out of your subscription.

Want to learn more? Set up a commitment-free demo with a NoveList librarian.