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Introduction Each year, the Business Information Sources Committee of the Business Reference and Services Section (BRASS) selects the outstanding business information sources published since May of the previous year. This year, the committee reviewed fifteen entries; of these, two were designated as “Outstanding” and four as “Notable.”  Works are examined for the following: ease…(Read More)

Cynthia Johnson Dear RUSA Members, I hope everyone is enjoying the month of November. This Update is filled with happy news and RUSA events, which I hope many of you can attend. As you know, in October the RUSA Board approved moving forward with reestablishing a peer-reviewed journal. We have now started the process…(Read More)

Cynthia Johnson Happy September, RUSA! Budget News I am pleased to share that RUSA has made noticeable progress in our continued effort to stabilize our finances.  With thanks to our RUSA Futures Task Force, and now our RUSA Budget & Finance committee, through their efforts RUSA is on track to end the 2022 Fiscal…(Read More)

Dear Colleagues, As noted in the August 15th RUSA President Update, in April 2021 the RUSA Board charged a Publications Task Force to “… review and assess the current RUSA publications program which encompasses communication regarding section and division activities (e.g, RUSA Quarterly Report, RUSA Update, eNewsletter) as well as peer-reviewed or edited publications…(Read More)