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Interview with the 2022 winner of the Isadore Gilbert Mudge Award sponsored by EBSCO, Melissa Wong conducted by Chris LeBeau, past Chair of RUSA’s Achievement Awards and Grants Committee Melissa Wong The Isadore Gilbert Mudge Award sponsored by EBSCO is RUSA’s highest award. Among the criteria for the award are contributions to reference…(Read More)

Timothy J. Dickey [Gary W. White] How did you get into the field of librarianship? [Dr. Timothy J. Dickey] Libraries have actually been a motif throughout my life. My first library jobs were work-study during my undergrad years, shelving books and manning the circulation desk, and then a delightful couple of years working in…(Read More)

Perspectives from A Newbie: RUSA’s Achievement Awards By Lillian Velez, Dee J. Kelly Law Library, LRVelez@Law.Tamu.Edu The RUSA Achievement Awards were presented on Thursday, July 21, 2022, and I am so glad to have had the privilege of attending and reporting on this event. We are all familiar with award shows…(Read More)

Interview with Marie Concannon, winner of the RUSA Award for Excellence in Reference and Adult Library Services – interview conducted by Chris LeBeau, Chair of the RUSA Achievement Awards Committee. (August 10, 2022) Marie Concannon Chris: I have here today, Marie Concannon. Marie has won the RUSA Award for Excellence in Reference and Adult Library…(Read More)

R. David Lankes, Professor and Director, School of Information Science, University of South Carolina, was selected as the 2021 winner of the Isadore Gilbert Mudge Award, the Reference and User Services Association’s highest honor. In recognition of his 30 years of visionary leadership in reference services; for his national leadership in virtual reference…(Read More)

The RUSA’s Achievement Awards Program honors the best in reference librarianship and its many specialties. These awards recognize and honor the outstanding professional contributions and achievements of your RUSA peers. Join us on Tuesday, June 8, 2021 12:00 PM Central Time to recognize the winners of RUSA’s 2021 Achievement Awards…(Read More)

Alexander Blend, Librarian at Middle Country Public Library, was selected as the 2021 winner for the Public Librarian Support Award for his enthusiastic service and dedication to the interlibrary loan community; for his advocacy on behalf of resource sharing practitioners; and for his important work with interlibrary loan cost and turnaround time data. Alex Blend…(Read More)

Mariah Antoinette Lovick was awarded the RUSA Federal Rising Stars Initiative for her impeccable and conscientious customer service, and her dedication and commitment to upholding library standards and enthusiastically adapting them in ways that not only encourage participation in library activities but that also provide enhanced services to meet new challenges. Ms. Lovick began her…(Read More)

Catherine G. Zimmerman has been chosen for this year’s first RUSA Exceptional Service Award for her creativity and outstanding commitment to broadening library services, as well as the meaningful impacts she has made at both local community and national levels of engagement bringing resources and highly skilled interaction to a wide variety of library…(Read More)