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Barry Trott, Editor

RUSA – CODES Minutes from ALA Midwinter All-CODES meeting on Saturday, January 25, 2020 (10:30-11:30)

PRESENT: Pat Gregory (CODES Chair), Julie Murphy (CODES Vice-Chair), Sarah Hill (incoming Chair of Listening List), Sara Duff (Chair of Dartmouth Medal Committee), Sarah Hashimoto (Chair Listening List), Nann Blaine Hilyard (Chair AASL and Chair University Press Books for Secondary Schools); Alicia Ahlvers, (Readers’ Advisory Research & Trends)

Committee Updates

Pat Gregory, CODES Chair, called the committee to order at 10:30 a.m.

  • Sarah Hill, Incoming Chair of the Listening List reported that there are 8 members so far on the committee for next year. Sarah Hashimoto is the outgoing chair.
  • Julie Murphy, CODES Vice-Chair, is busy making appointments to the media and book awards committees.
  • Sara Duff, Chair of the Dartmouth Medal Committee, has served four years and is moving on to Notable Books. Barry Trott will be the new chair.
  • We mentioned the proposal from last year to combine the Dartmouth Medal Award Committee with the Outstanding Reference Sources Committee. Although it seems like a good idea, the committee members last year did not approve of such a reorganization. Pat Gregory recommended that CODES re-visit that proposal.
  • Nann Hilyard, Chair of University Press Books for Public and School Libraries, has three other volunteers serving on this committee.
  • Alicia Ahlvers described how she and Magan Szwarek served as co-chairs in an advisory capacity with Victoria Caplinger Frederick as Chair of Readers’ Advisory Research & Trends.

Other Business

Questions from the group

  • Will the Book & Media Awards Reception that has always been on Sunday evenings at Midwinter be moving to Annual beginning in 2021 when Midwinter is a new smaller event?
  • Since RUSA webinars have been proving to be good income streams, attendees asked what kinds of webinars are successful? Suggestion to have a survey about what people are interested in and what they would pay for. Another suggestion from Nann Hilyard was to have a webinar on the University Press Books for Public and School Libraries to explain how it is run and how librarians can serve on this committee. Sara Duff suggested a webinar on reference book reviewing. Members were not sure what type of learning tool would be best for these ideas.
  • E-forums were mentioned as a possibility for learning about participation in CODES. ALECTS does these now for free. Last year, they did one on streaming videos in libraries that was memorable.

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