Quarterly Update

Carol Schuetz, editor

From the President


Greetings RUSA members!

Fall has been a busy time for many of us in RUSA. Our new Executive Director Jessica Hughes has been with us now for two months and is rapidly learning about ALA and getting to know individuals in RUSA. She is eagerly embracing the job and making good connections with the other division executive directors. If you are attending Midwinter, I hope you will have a chance to meet Jessica.

Challenge Grant

One of the best things to happen this fall for RUSA, and for all of ALA, is the $100,000 challenge grant from an anonymous donor. This gift is being distributed among the divisions. Individual gifts will be matched up to $1,000, and total gifts to RUSA will be matched up to $10,000. Gifts must be received by January 15. Please consider giving. If you have friends or relatives who are looking to support libraries and the work you do, let them know of this opportunity! Here is info: http://www.rusaupdate.org/2017/11/do-twice-the-good-with-one-donation/

Midwinter – Denver – February 9 – 13

Midwinter is later than usual this year giving us extra time to prepare. The Midwinter schedule is now open. We have an active schedule of meetings and discussion groups. The History Section will run its Genealogy Institute and ETS is holding an interesting discussion about Alexa and digital assistants. Those are just a few highlights.

In Denver, we are planning a RUSA Social on Saturday, Feb. 10 at 5:00 pm in the Convention Center (Mile High 1F). Details to follow.


It is volunteer season! If you want to be involved in RUSA activities in the new year, we invite you to volunteer now for a RUSA level committee or a Section level committee.  If you are interested in one of our Interest Groups, just contact the leader. Consult our page on Interest Groups.  For committees, check out the RUSA committee list or consult your Section of interest. To volunteer, you must be RUSA members. We need people with many different talents and interests.

To volunteer:

  • Login to ALA 
  • Visit the Committee Volunteer Form page 
  • Change drop down menu option to “RUSA”
  • Fill out the form about yourself and your current ALA responsibilities;
  • Again, be sure the drop down at the bottom is set to “RUSA” or to a section.

New Guidelines

I want to be sure everyone is aware of the new sets of guidelines passed by the Board this fall. Find all our guidelines on our website.

  • “Professional Competencies for Reference and User Services Librarians”
  • “Guidelines for Library Services with 60+ Audience: Best Practices”
  • “Guidelines for Resource-Sharing Disaster Preparation and Response”

Emerging Leader

RUSA is participating in the Emerging Leader program this year. RUSA’s new emerging leader is Hailley Fargo, hailing from Pennsylvania State University Libraries. Congratulations Hailley! RUSA will be posting more about Hailley soon.

Chris LeBeau
President, 2017-2018

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