Quarterly Update

Carol Schuetz, editor

From the President


Dear RUSA Members,

Formerly known as RASD/RUSA Update, this quarterly newsletter has been published since at least 1980, according to the ALA Archives (and don’t forget about Messages from MARS, available on JSTOR to 1976!). In it, we’ve shared with each other about our programming and publications, issued reports, celebrated, and recognized achievements, and otherwise documented the work of our division, sections, and committees. Scanning through the tables of contents over the decades, I’m moved to see the names of so many respected colleagues, mentors and leaders in the reference and user services community.

Speaking of respected colleagues, mentors, and leaders, I want to conclude by thanking Carol Schuetz for her SEVEN YEARS of service as editor of RUSA Quarterly Update. Since 2014, Carol has faithfully published four issues a year through platform transitions, personnel changes, and a pandemic, corresponding with division and section leadership and working with the RUSA Office.

I’m honored to have had the opportunity to contribute a few words to this, the very last issue of the RUSA Quarterly Update. Thank you so very much, Carol, for your dedicated work in documenting the history and accomplishments of our division.

Take care,
Courtney McDonald
RUSA President 2020-21

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