Quarterly Update

Carol Schuetz, editor

Referencing Reference: The I AM RUSA podcast


The I AM RUSA (Reference User Service Association) podcast series started in early 2016 as a way to promote and discuss reference services with RUSA members. It addresses a variety of topics such as the changing role of reference services in both academic libraries and public libraries, what does reference mean, reference in museums, and how reference services are relevant to our communities. Each podcast begins by asking the interviewee to share their career history, and how they ended up in the position they hold. I then ask them questions about how reference services is used in their current position and how it is important for the greater information profession.

In order to understand how the information field is growing, the podcast creates dialogue with informational professionals who are passionate about the field and understand how change can reframe services without causing them to disappear. Thus, the purpose of this podcast is to express these views, while also showing others that reference is used and important to our everyday life–especially to our library patrons. Through these podcasts, I have learned that as information professionals we have so much to learn from each other, and that our ideas and services are continuously developed through our networks. As a new librarian and as the person who directs these podcasts, I continuously learn from information professionals and understand that we all have one goal– to develop and create resources that better serve our communities. I hope more information professionals continue to become a part of RUSA.

Patricia C. Valdovinos
RUSA Spectrum Intern

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