FAQs & Resources

Schedule a Teleconference

  1. Find a date and time that will work for your group.
  2. Check availability on the Teleconferences category of our calendar.
    1. It may be easier to use the date picker on the right, and "View As: Day" to see details of individual meetings.
    2. Please leave 3o minutes in between scheduled meetings.
  3. Click the "Submit Event" button on the bottom of the Calendar page, or under "Calendar" in the top navigation bar.
  4. Please fill out:
    • Event Title: Your committee/group name
    • Description: Please include your name and email, which will be deleted prior to publishing the event. This is where we will send detailed teleconference instructions.
    • Category: Please choose "Teleconferences" as your category
    • Event Time & Date: Your chosen meeting time.
    • Organizer Details: Add yourself as a new organizer, or select yourself from the dropdown list if you've previously organized a meeting or event.
  5. Click "Submit Event" at the bottom of the page
  6. Within 3 business days, you will receive an email response with a confirmation and phone number instructions for your committee/group.
Please note:
  • Teleconferences are via telephone only.
  • We recommend this option be considered first for any committee meeting.
  • Up to 20 people may call in using the teleconference service
  • Calls will not be recorded
  • If you encounter any problems requesting a teleconference line, please contact us.