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Setup a survey

Whether you'd like to survey the general public or a target group of members, RUSA must be the owner of the survey and the responses. This ensures that even after you leave your role, the data is still available to staff and membership.  

Follow the steps below to have a survey template started for you:

  1. Surveys should not be created in a personal account
  2. Email mtracy@ala.org requesting a branded survey be started. Include:
    1. title of survey
    2. your personal gmail address
      1. please note, a gmail email account is required to edit survey; create one now
  3. The office will set up a branded Google form (Googles version of a survey)
  4. Once set up, the office will make you an official editor by sharing the form with you
  5. Form can be found in drive.google.com > shared with me > title you gave
  6. Add your questions
  7. To share, click the 'send' button
    1. click the link symbol to get a link for the survey
  8. Results can be found by clicking the 'results' tab at the top of the form
    1. results can also be exported to Google sheets by clicking the green plus sign at the top right of the response tab
Already created your survey in your personal gmail account? Email mtracy@ala.org to change ownership.

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