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Submit a video or podcast to be published


Can I add a RUSA podcast or video to my personal account?

No. If the content of the podcast or video is related to RUSA, the rights belong to RUSA. This content will published on the appropriate, RUSA-owned account after following the submission instructions below.

What is the difference between a podcast and video?

A podcast is a digital audio file where an individual listens only. A podcast is typically searchable on iTunes or Audible and many other sites. A video contains audio as well as video for viewers to watch and listen. A video is typically searchable on YouTube and many other sites.

When do I create a podcast?

If you want to record sound only.

When do I create a video?

If you want to record sound and video.

Submit a podcast and/or video

  1. Upload file to your personal google drive
    1. A gmail account is required
  2. Once uploaded, share the file with rusaofficeala@gmail.com
  3. Email title and description of the file to mtracy@ala.org.
  4. Submit a news update request using this form
  5. Once steps 1-4 have been completed, podcast and/or video will be uploaded by RUSA staff on the appropriate, RUSA-owned account as well as made into a news post on rusaupdate.org.

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