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Membership Social

Bloomsbury is celebrating the launch of their new Digital Resources division as well as their Dartmouth Medal win. They’d love to have RUSA members join them! Help Bloomsbury celebrate and enjoy some wine and appetizers and/or coffee and pastries while you’re at it! Check out the details below and add these two…(Read More)

RSS ETS Happy Hour Sponsors Plunkett research and civic technologies

I and my colleagues in ETS and RSS invite you to join us for a Happy Hour on Saturday, June 24 from 6pm-7:30pm at Bar Louie (333 N. Dearborn). It will be an opportunity to relax, meet new friends, and learn (a little) about the two sections. With many thanks to RUSA’s…(Read More)

bookshelf overflowing with books

Systems for Services and Discovery (RUSA Emerging Technologies Section) is organizing a panel session during the upcoming ALA Conference in Chicago. We are very excited for the sponsorship of Library H3lp and will be giving away 10 $30 Amazon giftcards to audience members. We hope you can join us! The first years of college present…(Read More)

photo of Joe Marquez and Annie Downey

On Saturday, June 24 from 8:30am-10:00am, the ETS Chair’s Program is hosting “The Intentional Library: creating a better user experience with service design and design thinking”. In anticipation of that event, we sat down with Joe Marquez and Annie Downey to learn more about their work in the field of service…(Read More)

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