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The American Library Association- Reference and User Services Division (RUSA), continues to offer an outstanding combination of repeat and new courses/webinars. Check out our list of upcoming programming below: Inside Interlibrary Loan: Basics for a New Millennium Four-week asynchronous course beginning on Monday, April 4, 2022 During this four-week course, registrants will…(Read More)

This course will provide patrons with the theoretical and practical tools and resources needed to conduct quality assessment of asynchronous and synchronous online library instruction. More information: &nbsp…(Read More)

BizRef 101 is for any librarian in-training who wants to gain confidence and knowledge around BizRef topics such as company and industry research, consumer and market research, entreprenuership topics and more. This 3-week long, asynchronous course allows users to go at their own pace as they work their way through each section. In…(Read More)

Reference Interview is a comprehensive six-week asynchronous course focusing on the methods of evaluating reference services, behavioral aspects of reference service, and the different types of questions that can be use to help patrons identify what they need. Using images and text, this in-depth educational approach covers everything from the approachability of the…(Read More)

CHICAGO- Register today for the four-week asynchronous course “Inside Interlibrary Loan: Basics for a New Millennium” sponsored by the Reference and User Services Association (RUSA). As library shelving and physical collections continue to vanish, electronic resource collections continue to grow. To keep up with evolution, we need to expand our Interlibrary Loan (ILL) services…(Read More)

CHICAGO- Register today for this four-week asynchronous course titled “Who Manages, Who Leads”  scheduled to begin on Monday, May 24, 2021.  Often, new managers have little practical working knowledge of what to expect in their new role, or if they are an existing manager already in the role,they can be…(Read More)

CHICAGO- Register today for the four-week RUSA course titled “Project Management in Libraries” scheduled to begin on Monday, April 5, 2021. In this four-week course, participants will review the skills and experiences needed to be exemplary project managers in a library organization. Interactive and dynamic activities such as discussions, reading assignments, and class…(Read More)

CHICAGO- Register today for the upcoming four-week web course “Design and Marketing for Libraries” beginning on January 11, 2021.  Now, more than ever, it is vital libraries understand who their users are to determine what they need. Understanding how to identify this allows them to be served better but also opens the…(Read More)

Many communities are home to an aging population. Libraries in these communities need to be able to educate, empower and engage older adults. In this four-week course, librarian and gerontologist Fatima Perkins shares data-driven strategies that will help you assess the needs of the older population in your community and create impactful programs…(Read More)