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Outstanding Business Information Sources 2023 Introduction Each year, the Business Information Sources Committee of the Business Reference and Services Section (BRASS) selects the outstanding business information sources published since May of the previous year. This year, the committee reviewed twelve entries; of these, two were designated as “Outstanding” and three as “Notable.”  Works are…(Read More)

Reference Interview is a comprehensive six-week course focusing on the methods of evaluating reference service, behavioral aspects of reference service, and the different types of questions that can be used to help patrons identify what they need. Using images and text, this in-depth educational approach covers everything from the approachability of the librarian…(Read More)

As library shelving and physical collections continue diminish, electronic resource collections continue to grow. To keep up with library trends and evolve in these troubling and uncertain times, we need to expand our Interlibrary Loan (ILL) services to meet the needs of our library patrons. In this four-week asynchronous eCourse, you’ll learn to…(Read More)

BizRef 101 is for any librarian in-training who wants to gain confidence and knowledge around BizRef topics such as company and industry research, consumer and market research, entrepreneurship topics and more. This 3-week long, asynchronous course allows users to go at their own pace as they work their way through each section. In…(Read More)

RUSA Essentials


The Reference and User Services (RUSA) of the American Library Association is pleased to share a series of essential 101 in-depth courses that are the basis of librarianship. Business Reference This three-week asynchronous course is for any librarian or librarian-in-training who wants to gain confidence and knowledge around BizRef topics…(Read More)

RUSA cares and is concerned about you. We invite you to join us for a 30-minute check-in. We’ll share resources for stress management as well as a guided 10-minute moment of mindfulness. Registration free here. After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar…(Read More)

In this class, participants will review the skills and experiences needed to be exemplary project managers in a library organization. Interactive and dynamic activities such as discussions, reading assignments, and class exercises will accompany each week’s lectures. The four-part topical tour of project management will culminate with a final project based on project…(Read More)

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