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In our digital society, technology can both support and undermine social justice causes. On the one hand, technology can be used to automate, conduct surveillance, and censor, but on the other, it can help provide equal access to information, raise awareness of injustice, aid learning, and organize resistance. Libraries can deploy emerging technologies for activism…(Read More)

The world is becoming data-driven as business, academia, and the media embrace the analysis and visualization of data in their day-to-day activities. As a result, library patrons now need not only help finding facts and figures, but help with turning that raw data into analysis and presentation. This webinar will describe and…(Read More)

Is your library interested in creating online tools like videos and infographics? This webinar outlines how the library at the University of California, Davis, formed a working group to strategically develop best practices for creating high quality instructional objects. They identified two types of instructional objects: static instructional objects are text and image tutorials and…(Read More)

Oftentimes, adult patrons ask public librarians indirectly about financial situations in which they have found themselves. They seek practical solutions quickly. Yet, questions such as how to navigate websites to apply for bankruptcy, unemployment, loans for cash, as well as obtaining a credit report take time and expertise. In these cases, financial literacy programming can…(Read More)

What is the best way to serve a patron’s information need at a distance? Academic and public libraries may utilize virtual chat or email to answer reference questions, but do those reference models always serve as the best communication method? An additional means of providing virtual reference is via video conferencing platforms. Presenters will…(Read More)

Most American communities are aging, and libraries are in a position to identify opportunities to meet the needs of older adults in their communities. Your library can help anticipate the growing technological needs of mature audiences, so they can better understand the digital landscape. In this 60-minutes webinar scheduled for Tuesday, July 16, 2019…(Read More)

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RUSA is pleased to announce summer 2017 online learning opportunities: June “Social Media Assessment for Information Literacy Instructors” Webinar – 6/15/17 This webinar presents a step-by-step path to effective planning and assessment, and stresses the importance of assessment in successful class instruction. July “Serving those who served: Working with the Veteran and…(Read More)

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