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This panel will examine historically-focused online civic engagement programming and voting rights initiatives within libraries and archives. It will explore the innovative ways in which these institutions promote civic literacy by facilitating access to and promoting dialogue around historical information. By bringing together historians and librarians it will seek to answer the following questions…(Read More)

In our digital society, technology can both support and undermine social justice causes. On the one hand, technology can be used to automate, conduct surveillance, and censor, but on the other, it can help provide equal access to information, raise awareness of injustice, aid learning, and organize resistance. Libraries can deploy emerging technologies for activism…(Read More)

As Higher Ed moves into developing and encouraging more Open Educational initiatives, how can libraries leverage collections available to them, become part of the conversation, and help build our growing OER communities? Register today for the upcoming webinar “Unlocking the Library of Congress: Enhancing your OER Initiatives via the Library’s Collections” scheduled for Tuesday…(Read More)

The world is becoming data-driven as business, academia, and the media embrace the analysis and visualization of data in their day-to-day activities. As a result, library patrons now need not only help finding facts and figures, but help with turning that raw data into analysis and presentation. This webinar will describe and…(Read More)

Is your library interested in creating online tools like videos and infographics? This webinar outlines how the library at the University of California, Davis, formed a working group to strategically develop best practices for creating high quality instructional objects. They identified two types of instructional objects: static instructional objects are text and image tutorials and…(Read More)

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